Friday , June 5 2020
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About Me

Hello my oxygen fan,

A warm welcome to everyone in my foodies’ world, my good name is Hafsa Arif and the chef of HAFSA CAN COOK.


I am from Karachi, Pakistan, yes I am karachian. I love food and love to serve it, for me cooking should be simple and interesting, so here I am to make your daily routine easy and tasty cooking recipes with interest.

In my personal opinion cooking is not just for ladies, this art is also for men as well. A man who survives alone in ABROAD or a student it’s very hectic for him to know this art. I am here to help you out from this, stay connected be a member for my world for easy and quick Indian/ Pakistani recipes.

Behind the Hafsa can cook website and hafsa can cook YouTube channel there is only one support of my Husband, who always supports me and encourage me. He made a YouTube channel and website. I am very lucky to have him in my life.

Here you will find cooking recipes like chicken recipes, Pakistani recipes, Indian food recipes, Chicken biryani Recipe, Mutton karahi recipes and fish fry recipe in Urdu as well as in Hindi & English.